A downloadable tool for Windows

A tool for building custom maps, envisioned for use in tabletop roleplaying games. It uses cellular automata (Conway's Game of Life without starvation) in an attempt to create natural (i.e. not manmade) looking paths and rooms.

There is a custom mode for adding rooms and paths manually, and a mode that creates an imperfect (more than 1 way through) maze.

In both modes, values on the left apply to the entire map. In the cellular automata section, the path start seeded percent value is probably the one that gives the best results when changed.

In custom mode, right click to add a node. Edit node parameters by selecting a node with left click and use the properties window on the bottom right to change parameters. Drag nodes around with left click to move them. Add paths by connecting nodes by right clicking on a node, selecting add connection, then left clicking on the node you want to connect it to. Multi select nodes with shift click to move multiple nodes at once.


MapGenerator.zip 2 MB

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